Amazing Hacks for Writing Outstanding Assignments

While studying in high school, college, or university, assignments have always remained tedious and probably the worst part of one’s academic life. Projects can also be boring, so many students end up procrastinating on their written tasks.

While some assignments are helpful, some of them are just meant to drain your energy.

Whether you accept it or not, writing assignments is the part and parcel of student life. So, we are here with tips and tricks to hack the process of writing boring assignments and make them a lot more fun.

Let’s surf through them.

1. The Pomodoro Technique

In this new age of scrolling 15 seconds reels, students need more patience to sit and write long assignments. 

But who has that kind of patience?!

Welcome the Pomodoro time-management technique to save you from losing patience while writing long assignments. 

It suggests sitting for a specific task for 25 minutes and taking a 5-minute break post that. It is a proven hack that increases productivity, and you do not lose interest while working.

2. Pre-writing Phase

Before you execute your assignment, a prewriting or planning phase helps you collect informative links or sites. 

In leisure, start surfing and bookmarking the pages related to your assignment topic. You can do this while walking, listening to music, or traveling.

When you sit to write, you’ll have all the links saved and won’t get distracted surfing the internet for information.

3. Write When You Are Tired

It seems awkward, right? 

But research says this hack works. 

Our thoughts are scattered when we are tired or sleepy. But when wide awake, our thoughts are more formative and restricted to only what we are writing. 

When tired, the scattered thoughts run in different areas of the subconscious mind, and our conscious mind somehow relates them to your writing topic. This hack can help you find interesting perspective while writing your assignments.

4. Approach Other Writers

These can be your juniors who are looking for some work so that they can earn some extra money in their pocket room. 

But there might be better options for some specific kinds of assignments that need an expert’s guidance. Look out for an excellent extended essay writing service that can help you with assignments within deadlines and at nominal rates.

This way you can save time from writing tedious assignments and do some meaningful stuff.

5. Stock Up on Your Supplies

If you are already in your 11th hour, you only have a little time to lose. Having access to all your requirements to write your assignment can save you from wasting time. It can be your laptop charger or your pencil sharpener. 

Keep your supplies around your desk so that you can reach them quickly without getting distracted. 

6. Ask for Help

You might need a clearer perspective of what you want to deliver and what your reader might process after reading your assignment. So, it is better to have someone read your assignment and mark the areas of confusion, conflict, or unclear sentences. 

This process will help you deliver a good and error-free assignment.

7. Maintaining Sequence isn’t Necessary

Refrain from sticking to the flow of your assignment. Instead, sit to write according to your moods. 

You might have a perfect conclusion for your assignment even before you have started writing a word for the same. Just write the conclusion down. 

If you feel like writing a specific part first, do that. It can be rewritten or corrected afterward. 

But, if you stick to writing assignments in sequence, you might lose a good idea.

8. Block Distractions

You should avoid having devices near you. 

But what if your assignment needs a laptop or a mobile for surfing and writing? 

There are many blocking applications for mobile and extensions on your computer, that can help you to stay focused on your work while blocking apps and sites of distractions, giving you access to only valuable platforms. 

Customizable features of such applications allow you to modify the necessities according to your needs.

So, assignments are something we cannot get rid of, but we can always find a way to do it productively.

Don’t you agree?

Featured Image Credit: Pexels