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Simpler Ways of Checking 4D Result Today

One of the well-known lottery games in Singapore is 4D.

It is popular for several reasons. First and foremost, it needs you to pick a lottery consisting of a 4-digits combination from 0000 to 9999. With this, it is easier for the gambler to stake his bet. Meanwhile, the odds of winning the lottery are high compared to others, which require that you pick a 7 to 9-digits number.

Also, the game 4D is famous for its high valued prizes. There is an opportunity for you to win three grand prizes, 10 Starter Prizes, and ten consolation prizes.

With the recent advancements in technology, finding out the 4D results of Singapore has become a lot easier. Like in the past, you do not need to wait until later in the night or the following day before accessing the results.

Presently, you can view the latest 4D result from several websites and applications. However, SGD4D is exceptional in its speed of delivery of the 4D results today.

It’s crucial to know the Singapore 4D result if you want to find out whether you’re the fortunate winner. Aside from that, knowing the 4D result helps you in predicting what the subsequent outcome will likely be.

SGD4D is the biggest platform where gamblers can find and review Singapore 4D results and operates to help people achieve their aspirations of becoming the next millionaire. With every passing day, there is a new champ. One out of the multitude who is lucky to be the most sought-after in the betting platform.

Considering user market shares, Singapore 4D is glad to be one of the biggest 4D operators in ASEAN. Besides that, they also spearheaded and developed a digital 4D refine technique that changed the traditional method of the drawing process to allow their spectators and followers to judge their games. Everyone can check live 4D results like Magnum result.

Singapore Pools

Integrated on May 23rd, 1968, Singapore Pools was set up to control unauthorized gambling in Singapore. It was a means for Singaporeans to obtain legal consent to bet on lotteries, combating the uncontrolled unauthorized betting businesses.

As of May 1st, 2004, Singapore Pools became a property of Tote Board, a legal board within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance.

Gambling Operations


There are three lottery games Singapore Pools operate.

TOTO – this lottery is a 6 out of 49 lotteries and runs on Mondays and Thursdays/Fridays.

4D – it is a “select four” lottery that operates every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Singapore Sweep – sweepstakes/raffle-style lottery operates only on the first Wednesday of every month.

Sports Betting

Additionally, Singapore Pools is the only lawful bookie and totalizer for association football and motor racing betting.

Remote Gambling

On September 29th 2016, under the Remote Gambling Act 2014, Singapore Pools was given an exclusion permit by the Ministry of Home Affairs. This exemption allowed Singapore Pools to operate online and telephone betting for 4D and TOTO lotteries, motor racing, and football.

About Toto

Established in 1968, TOTO is a lawful type of lottery sold in Singapore. In other places, it is given different names. It is the only legal lottery dealer in Singapore held by Singapore Pools. In April 2015, TOTO was the second most famous type of betting after 4-Digits. From anywhere within Singapore, TOTO can be bought from any Singapore Pools store. The betting draws are done on Mondays and Thursdays at 1830hrs or 6:30 pm (SG time). In the event of the cascade draw, the time changes to 9:30 pm. Gamblers can watch the “live” TOTO draw at the Singapore Pools Head Branch at 210 Middle Road. Toto delivers her gains to the Singapore Totalizer Board (Singapore Pools’ owner), which channels this fund to charity service and other worthy activities.

How to Play?

Between 1 to 49, a buyer selects at least six numbers. The winning numbers captured include six numbers plus an extra number. If a player has three or more numbers on his ticket that matches the winning number drawn, it means that the player has qualified for a cash prize. The prize money increases as the number of matched numbers increase.

The highest number of matching permitted is seven (with the winner being successful both bin group 1 and group 2 – this is only possible if the player purchased a ticket of system 7or more). In other words, if only the six numbers on the Toto ticket correctly match the six numbers drawn, then only group 1 jackpot is won.

Staking of Bets

Placing of bets can be done in four different ways:

Quick Pick: The gaming machine erratically picks six numbers between 1 to 49 for the gambler. This method does not require a betting slip.

Ordinary Bet: This method involves the gambler marking out six numbers from 1 to 49 on a bet slip.

System Bet: Here, the gambler has the luxury of picking 7 to 12 numbers between 1 to 49. He marks them on the bet slip. For example, a System 10 bet is a selection of 10 numbers.

System Roll: The gambler is only allowed to pick five numbers from 1 to 49. The 6th number is the insured winning number.

Payout and Odds

The chances of getting a win in any prize are 1 in 54.54% of the total. Toto sales for every single draw are channeled to the Toto prize pool. The least insured amount for the group 1 prize is $1 million. If no winners emerge in any group (except for Groups 5, 6 & 7), the individual group’s prize will be escalated to the succeeding draw. The prizes in group 1 can only be escalated up to 4 draws, after which the prize is then flown to group 2.

About 4D

4-digits often represented as 4-D, is a lottery game played in Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany. The lottery is played by selecting any number combination between 0000 and 9999.
At each round, twenty-three winning numbers are drawn. If one of the winning numbers drawn matches the number chosen by the gambler, then the player has won a prize. To select these winning numbers, a draw is done. 4-Digits is a fixed-odds lottery game.

The premier legalized 4D dealer authorized by the Malaysian Government is Magnum 4D.
Several other lottery dealers started operating the game not long after due to its popularity among Singaporeans and Malaysians.
Not long ago, Daily Derby 4D Blue and Green and 5D jackpots of WTL-M were inaugurated and gained popularity.
The exclusive provider of the betting game in Singapore is Singapore Pools. Among the gambling game, the two most popular are 4-D and 6/49.

Check Singapore 4D Results for Today

In brief, if you need a platform to give you Singapore 4D live results, look up SGD4D.com on your mobile device. Several other 4D results providers are available; however, SGD4D outsmarts others as it offers Singapore 4D results today.

24K Dragon Online Slot Spin for Expanding Reels Today

The 24K Dragon online slot is another great game that was created by popular developer Play ‘N GO. This slot takes you into another world filled with dragons and unusual graphics. There are 5 reels and up to 1,024 ways to win. If you’re lucky, you can win up to 24000x your bet.

When you play 24K Dragon slot online, you can use the diamond scatter symbols to trigger the free spins round. During this game, you will increase the height of the reels with up to 8,192 paylines. The treasure wild can offer wins and multipliers. Look out for the 24K respin round!

Join the Dragons

The 24K Dragon slot machine was created by Play ‘N GO, a developer that has a lot of experience in this industry. They have been active in the industry since 1997 and since then, they have continued to impress. They are no strangers to excellent slot games and typically, their catalog regularly appears on the best online casinos. This slot is one of their best so far.

When you play 24K Dragon slot for free or for real money, you will notice the dragon theme throughout the design. The graphics are very nicely done which is common with games from this developer. The high-value symbols are various dragons, a sword, an emerald and a lion. The lowest-paying symbols are A, K, Q, J and 10 and these glow to add to the overall effect. 

High Stakes on Offer

The 24K Dragon online slot features 5 reels, 4 rows and 1,024 ways to win. Of course, you can increase the paylines when you trigger the free spins round so this is worth looking out for. The lowest possible stake in this slot is 0.10 credits and the highest is 100 credits per spin. If you are staking high, just make sure you are playing at a safe online casino first. 

According to Play ‘n GO, the RTP for this game is 96.3%. It has a medium variance so you can expect relatively regular payouts when you play.

Trigger up To 8,192 Paylines

In the 24K Dragon slot machine, you can land the treasure wild on the reels. When you do, it will substitute for any other symbol, excluding the scatter. This can also land with multipliers up to 64x. If you land the golden dragon head on the reels, you will receive a re-spin on higher payways. 

The diamond scatter symbols can help to trigger a free spins round. If you land 5 or more, you will be awarded up to 20 initial free spins. You can also trigger more by landing additional scatter symbols. In the free spins round, you can land golden dragon heads and this can increase the height of the reels. If you’re lucky, you can activate up to 8,192 payways. 

Step Into the Dragon’s Lair

Dragons commonly appear in online slots because they can often be associated with luck. The 24K Dragon online slot puts a spin on the dragon theme and it comes across well. We thought we would review a few similar games that you might enjoy playing. 

The Dragon Champions online slot by Playtech is a fantasy themed game, filled with dragons. In this slot, you can trigger up to 100 free spins and some additional bonus features. This game has an RTP of 95.12% and it is worth a spin in our opinion.

You should also check out the Dragon Dance slot machine by Microgaming if you want to have some fun. In this game, you can trigger some respins to land a bigger win. There are 243 ways to win across the 5 reels and some fantastic symbols that appear on there. You aren’t going to want to miss out on this one.  

Don’t Miss Out!

The 24K Dragon slot machine is an impressive game from start to finish. Play ‘n GO has managed to pull off an excellent slot and the theme is one that players will love as soon as they give it a spin. The free spins round can be very lucrative and is worth playing for alone.

If you haven’t yet given the reels on this game a spin yet, we recommend that you do soon enough. The good news is that you can play 24K Dragon slot online at many of our top online casinos. Check it out today and see what you think.