4D Slot Machines Becoming a Reality

Many slots players enjoy 3D games, because they offer more-realistic graphics than standard slots. But now it seems that 4D slot machines could be poised to take over the gaming world.

4D technology combines the excellent 3D graphics with gesture recognition and surround sound. This means that you can look forward to the most-immersive and realistic slots experience yet!

Let’s discuss more on what you can expect from these games along with how they’re starting to appear in casinos.

Penchanga Resort Now Features 4D Games

According to the OC Register, California’s Pechanga Resort & Casino already has 4D slot machines on their gaming floor. Specifically, they now offer Sphinx 4D,  which is a new slot from IGT.

This game is special, because it allows you to change the background from day to night, touch floating coins, and draw circles on the screen.

The 4D slots concept had previously been relegated to trade shows, like the the Global Gaming Expo (G2E). But now they’re available for play at certain casinos.

4D Slot Machines Offer an Unparalleled Experience

4D slots create for the possibility of more features and bonus rounds.

For example, Sphinx 4D features a bonus with a small panel that you touch to pick up coins and add to your prize. This isn’t possible with normal slot machines, because they don’t have touchscreen capabilities.

“The concept is that players will be able to feel what they are seeing on the screen,” said Anthony Zamora, slot director at Pechanga Resort & Casino. “Guests have reported the game is fun to play.”

Given how revolutionary 4D slot machines could be, you can expect to see them in more and more casinos throughout the industry in the coming years.

I don’t know how they’re integrate 4D slots into online casinos. But perhaps online 4D slot machines will work through virtual reality technology.