168 Fortunes Slot Machine Play Spadegaming Slots for Free

Enter into the magnificent world of the Orient with an opulent online video slot which will give you the chance to win instant cash prizes in a luxurious setting.

168 Fortunes from Spade Gaming is simple yet sophisticated and you’ll appreciate the grandeur in this game of luck.

But will you be the one to win some serious wealth? Here’s a look at 168 Fortunes with everything you need to know.

Lucky Colors

As soon as you load 168 Fortunes, the theme of the game will become instantly apparent due to the symbols on the reels and the setting for the board.

Red is an extremely auspicious hue in the Far East so it could be your lucky day! 168 Fortunes is designed with red as the dominant color, covering the entire background and only broken up by some gilded decorations.

Despite the bold coloring the background is fairly minimal, with just some shading and silhouettes breaking up the block red. It’s the reels which are the focal point of the game, and you won’t fail to notice the big and bold symbols immediately.

The reels are far bigger than what you may have played with in other games but the symbols are too. Rather than taking up just a small central area in the reels, they’re bursting out of each square and you’ll find it easy to see with just a single glance what’s in front of you.

With 243 ways to win, you really could win a fortune if the reels fall kindly for you…

Going for Gold

Head over to the pay table to find out how to win on 168 Fortunes; the reels aren’t entirely straightforward so it’s worth taking a bit of time to work out how to play.

Just like other video slots you’ll need to match up identical symbols to get a win, and for all but the dragon serpent, you’ll need to get at least three. For the dragon serpent, you’ll only need to match two for a payout.

However, you’ll notice that every symbol has a colored version and a golden version too. Lining up the gold versions of the symbols means a much bigger win, and the two columns in the pay table show the difference between the two.

But the gold symbols have a far bigger role to play than just increasing the basic payout.

As well as matching the same symbols, if you land a specific sequence of gold symbols you’ll also win. What you need to do exactly is pictured in the pay table.

Gold symbols also unlock the progressive jackpots; there’s four potential jackpots on the game. You can see which jackpots are available by looking for the corresponding symbols in the top right hand corner of the main screen.

Get Ready to Play

Once you’ve had a read through the rules and discovered the importance of the gold symbols, it’s time to return to the main game and get ready to begin.

But just before you do you’ll need to set up your betting preferences so you don’t blow your budget in the first spin!

You’ll be playing on five reels and with a maximum of five coins per line which can be valued between 0.01 and 2.00.

If you’re planning on playing with big money, you can choose to click on the Max Bet button; this increases all options up to their limit and saves you having to scroll manually. You can also choose the Fast Spin; this speeds up the game and gives you the outcome more quickly rather than waiting for the reels to go round for longer.

Auto Play is another feature which can be useful on the reels. You can play for the same prizes but you won’t have to lift a finger. The reels spin automatically and you simply sit back and collect the prizes as they pile up. Your chances of getting a win won’t be altered or compromised in any way. If you do decide to use it, you can pick between 5 and 100 turns but you can cancel the Auto Play at any point with just a click on screen.

Win a Pile of Cash

168 Fortunes by Spade Gaming utilizes the popular Far East theme offering big and bold graphics that will be irresistible to players. There’s lots going on with this game including a choice of progressive jackpots and multipliers too, so it’s difficult to see who wouldn’t enjoying playing for the chance of big cash.

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