5 Coin Master Tips Tricks You Need to Know

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Coin Master’s premise is pretty easy to comprehend.

As the ruler of a thriving village, you’re put in charge of helping it grow into a world-renowned kingdom. In order to achieve that goal, you’ll have to spend a whole lotta coins. And in order to attain those coins, you’re going to have perform all sorts of assorted tasks. You’ll need to build up your village, collect chests full of beneficial cards, raise your pets, perform raids etc. Our tips guide for this super addictive city builder should help you become the most successful (and feared) “Coin Master” of all time!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Coin Master:

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1. Play as a Guest…at First

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• Once you start up Coin Master, the game will ask you to log-in with your Facebook account. Ignore this option…at first. Hop into the game as a guest participant so you can take advantage of all the free slot machine spins and coins given to you from the start.

• You should have enough coins to build up a few sections of your village and a good amount of spins on hand in order to acquire even more coins. Eventually, you’ll hit a wall – you’ll be left with no slot machine spins and a small amount of coins that can’t help you build your village even further. This is the point where you’ll want to get extremely “friendly.”

2. Then Log-In With Your Facebook Account to Really Make Some Progress!

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• Once you hit that aforementioned “proverbial” wall, connect the game to your Facebook account. The benefits that come from performing this action are much too beneficial to ignore. As soon as you link the game to your Facebook account, you’ll immediately be rewarded with 50 slot machine spins and a whopping one-million coins!

• Another benefit of connecting the game to your Facebook account is the opportunity to invite your friends to the game. For every friend that joins Coin Master on your behalf, you’ll walk away with 25 extra slot machine spins. You can send and receive spins and coins on the regular, so being a generous friend goes a long way.

3. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Slot Machine

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• The slot machine is going to become your best friend. You’ll be granted with five free spins every hour – once you use up all your spins, take a full day break from the game and return the next day to find your spins meter completely filled to the max. Watching video advertisements also gifts you with extra spins (just click on the bottom right energy capsule icon on the slot machine menu to activate a video ad).

• Depending on what three-icon match you get, you’ll either be rewarded with gifts or jump right into a gameplay action. Matching up three hammers lets you raid a random player’s village. Matching up three shields helps you obtain one of your own – having a shield on hand protects your village from raiders and vice versa. While you’ll still lose coins during a raid, the amount won’t be as large once you have an active shield on hand.

• Getting three robber pig faces lets you raid the current reigning Coin Master – performing this action tends to get you the biggest amount of coins. Matching up three energy capsules earns you extra spins. And matching up three of the two coin icons gets you…well, more coins! Oh and don’t worry if you don’t get any matches during a spin – you’ll still be rewarded with some coins.

4. Cards and Pets Provide all the Extra Benefits You Need

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• Once you reach Village level three, you’ll finally be able to acquire cards. Cards can be lifted from three different types of chests – Wooden, Golden, and Magical. Cards can also be gained from participating in any of the active game events. As for Chests, they tend to come into your possession for free as you perform raids and complete village setups.

• Card trading is also worth performing since it helps you acquire even rarer cards and helps you fill out entire card collections. Filling out these card collections helps you acquire even more goodies! The rarer the card collection your complete, the better the rewards. Just hit up the following link to see one of the more active Coin Master trading groups on Facebook.

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• When you hit the level four mark of your village, the option to use pets finally unlocks. You’ll get to utilize these pets in various ways – Foxy lets you dig up an extra spot during raids, Tiger increases the number of coins you acquire during raids, and Rhino provides your village with an extra layer of protection. Fox is unlocked at Village level four, Tiger is unlocked once you complete the “Beasts” card collection, and Rhino is unlocked after you complete the “Creatures” card collection. Make sure to regularly feed and upgrade your pets. Keep them awake and boost them to greatness!

5. Play Coin Master on a Daily Basis if You’re Really Looking to Hit it Big!

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• Playing Coin Master on a daily basis is the way to go if you’re truly looking to succeed. Logging in every day should help you earn a grand total of 50 spins. Make sure you come back every day and you’ll definitely be greeted by extra spins and coins from your Facebook buddies, too. You should also make it a daily habit of playing the Viking Slots machine and completing regular/bonus missions. And of course, you should take advantage of the Daily Bonus Wheel spins and its incredible rewards.

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